Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Insulin Time

Last week, or maybe the week before, I went to my doctor for a physical needed for the adoption process. She checked my blood sugar. I had just eaten a granola bar. I didn't think with only 12 grams of sugar they would cause a problem with my blood sugar, wow was I wrong.
I admit I haven't checked my blood sugar in a long long time. I kept procrastinating ordering a new meter. I had finally ordered a new meter and supplies the week before I went to the doctor, and it arrived, thankfully, just a few days after my appointment. What I haven't told you yet is how high my blood sugar was at the doctor's office. My doctor asked her nurse to check my blood sugar with their meter and it was 264! My doctor also ordered blood tests. A few days later the nurse called to tell me my blood sugar was out of control and my doctor feels it is time for me to start insulin. INSULIN!
The nurse scheduled me for an appointment with the specialist, I go next week. I am still scared but I have been doing some research. (of course, I have!)
One of the most important things I learned was actually from a diabetes magazine I had brought home from the doctor's office. The magazine is called "Guide to Diabetes". The website is The article to which I am referring is a real life story "Insulin has been a blessing". One thing that helped me stop beating myself up about the granola bars is this quote "I thought taking insulin means you have failed, you didn't do a good job of managing diabetes, and it meant you were near the end". Further "As type 2 diabetes progresses over time, the pancreas produces less insulin even when you are doing everything right to control your sugar levels. Many people with type 2 diabetes will probably need some form of insulin replacement after eight to 10 years, says Luigi Meneghini, MD. MBA, director of the Eleanor and Joseph Kosow Diabetes Treatment Center at the Diabetes Research Institute in Miami".
I'm not pushing off the blame. I need to lose weight, and thanks to well I don't know which of the new medications I'm on that has caused my appetite to disappear, but I'm grateful. I'm watching my carbs especially. For instance, we had a Memorial Day barbecue. I had 1/2 a hamburger bun, a hamburger, and a bratwurst. I didn't eat any veg but I didn't eat any chips either. Tonight we went to Steak & Shake before our parenting class. Instead of a double steakburger with a full order of fries and a shake. I had a single steakburger, I cut the meat and bun in half and doubled the meat using just 1/2 the bun, ate 1/3 order of fries and had coke zero. Later for a snack I ate 1 chocolate chip cookie made with splenda and semisweet chocolate chips (and pecans), and a few raw carrot sticks. I am down 11 pounds so far! 11!! I admit I have been feeling a little weak and shaky, but this is possibly due to my blood sugar. A fasting blood sugar is still 130, way too high. I'm hoping once I start using insulin I will feel better and maybe even start walking the dog a little further each day again. Although June is not the time to start long walks in Florida!!! In the coming week I will receive a blood sugar / food journal in the mail from the manufacturer of my new glucose meter. I'm hoping to start keeping track of my meals, and sugar levels too.