Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Parenting Classes

We are 1/2 through with our parenting classes, called MAPP training or classes towards adoption! I guess last week was hubby's week, this week was mine. Last week we had to do this visualization and then tell how it made you feel. Well it made Stephen feel very angry. This week we were learning about different parenting styles, Positive and negative consequences. Negative consequences are like questioning, sarcasm, and more. And, I don't mean the child's actions, I mean the parents. More specifically parent's reactions to children's actions. I saw a lot of my childhood in the "negative" consequences. I found it hard to keep from crying and to leave the room. It's all a process and I made it through. :)
On the plus side, I made semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies with pecans and splenda and everyone loved them.
I am thinking of taking my 4 year old little cousin to swim lessons this summer, that would be fun!